Compliance Assistance

A main goal of the NHRTAP program, outside of providing the required and necessary trainings, is to assist NHDOT in providing regulatory compliance technical assistance. Below please find helpful templates and resources to guide you in meeting FTA requirements. If you have any resource needs which are not provided below, or if you have compliance-related questions, please contact the RTAP Assistant! 

Drug and Alcohol

Helpful Resources:

Applicable Regulations (49 CFR Part 655 and Part 40)

Revised CCF (must use after June 30, 2018)

Revised CCF Information and Reminder

Helpful Documents:

 Second Chance Policy Template                                                        Release of Information Form

 Zero Tolerance Policy Template                                                         Reasonable Suspicion Incident Checklist

Good Faith Effort Documentation Form                                              Return to Duty and Follow-Up Testing Log

Order to Test Form                                                                                SAP Referral Employee Not Present

Post Accident Determination Report and Decision Tree                    SAP Referral Employee Present to Sign

Post Accident Testing Form                                                                 Vendor Oversight Review Checklist

Positive D&A Test Log                                                                           Random Testing Log

Part 40 Update Summary_2018

Title VI

Helpful Resources:

FTA Title VI Regulations (49 CFR Part 21)

USDOT Civil Rights Learning Center

Helpful Documents:

Title VI Plan Template

Employee Survey Sample

Rider Survey Sample

NH Title VI Training

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Helpful Resources:

Applicable Regulations (49 CFR Part 27, Parts 37-39)

FTA ADA Guidance Documents

Helpful Documents:

Reasonable Accommodation Model Policy


Helpful Resources:

FTA Circular 4220.1F

FTA Best Practices Procurement Manual

Helpful Documents:

Micro & Small Purchase Procurement Checklist

What You May Not Know About FTA Funding and Procurement

Procurement for NHDOT


Preventive Maintenance

GSIL Maintenance Plan

CATS Vehicle Maintenance Plan

Braun Attachment D

Bloodborne Pathogens

Exposure Control Plan Template

Field Guide

Regulatory News

June 28, 2018

D&A REMINDER: The revised CCF form is required to be used after June 30, 2018. Please see guidance provided on this page regarding where to find this form and ensure that your collection site is using this new form going forward!