In addition to offering training classes, RTAP scholarship funds are available to Section 5311 and Section 5310 subrecipients to attend conferences and other transit-related events. All subrecipients requesting NHRTAP scholarship funding are required to submit a scholarship application for pre-approval to the NHRTAP RTAP Manager. Applications will be reviewed and approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Scholarship approval is required for reimbursement of expenses and applications (pre-expense forms) must be received by the RTAP Assistant (NHRTAP@rlsandassoc.com) at least 30 days prior to an event. For a detailed description of eligible expenses as well as the pre- and post-expense forms required for application and reimbursement, please download the NHRTAP Scholarship Application. If you have any further questions about the scholarship process or eligibility, please contact the RTAP Assistant.

Program Goals

  • To further the development of the skills and abilities of persons involved in providing passenger service to the state's rural areas.
  • To encourage the development of professional networks among New Hampshire transportation providers.
  • To offset costs of attending national, state, and local transit training and educational programs


All agency staff involved in the management and operation of rural passenger transportation services is eligible to receive a scholarship. Training of drivers, dispatchers and mechanics is encouraged and consideration should be given to rotating staff attendance at events and trainings to ensure that all transit staff, as appropriate, are receiving equitable opportunities to attend such events. 

Section 5311 subrecipients under contract to NHDOT to provide public transportation to the state's rural areas are eligible for the following:

  • Fully-funded attendance to the annual Tri-State Conference
  • Agency annual maximum of $3,500 (maximum is IN ADDITION to attendance of the Tri-State Conference)
  • Courses, seminars, workshops and conferences with subject matter applicable to the rural passenger transportation industry. 

Section 5310 subrecipient agencies or organizations under contract to NHDOT and responsible for providing coordinated Human Service transportation in the state are eligible for the following:

  • Fully-funded attendance to the annual Tri-State Conference
  • Agency annual maximum of $500 (Note: This is subject to the availability of funds, as all Section 5310 subrecipients will draw from an overall pool of funds and not a guaranteed agency set-aside)
    • As mentioned above, the annual maximum is in addition to the cost of attending the Tri-State Conference. 

Discretionary Funds

Additional discretionary funds may be available on a case-by-case basis and will be awarded  based on the merit of the request and available funding.  Each agency applying for discretionary funds must submit compelling justification for their request. A notice for discretionary funds will be made on the NHRTAP website after the conclusion of the Tri-State Conference.

Funds are available to any NHDOT/FTA funded transportation providers/organizations including recipients of Section 5311 and 5310 funding. Also eligible for discretionary scholarships are agencies participating in a Regional Coordinating Council (RCC), even if not receiving funding from NHDOT, under the condition that the RCC Lead Agencies provide cursory approval. Approval for use of discretionary funds will require a 25% match by the requesting agency.

Scholarship Administration

Applications will be reviewed by the NHRTAP Manager and will be evaluated on the basis of:                     

  1. The balance of funds remaining in the scholarship program;
  2. The applicant’s eligibility;
  3. The training/conference eligibility; and
  4. The previous agency/individual scholarship awards.

The NHRTAP Manager will approve or deny the application in writing. Approval letters will indicate the maximum reimbursement allowed under the scholarship. RTAP Scholarship approvals will be e-mailed to the applicant and Agency Head or, upon request, a hardcopy format can be sent via U.S. Mail.

Requesting Reimbursement

Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 45 days of the conclusion of a conference or training event on the approved NHRTAP Scholarship Reimbursement (Post-Expense) form. If reimbursement is not requested within the 45 day time period, the scholarship may be voided and no reimbursement issued. All receipts for eligible expenses must be submitted in order to be reimbursed for these expenses. 

Completed Request for Reimbursement must be submitted to the NHRTAP Scholarship Manager along with the following required documentation:

  1. Receipts for all eligible expenses; and
  2. A copy of the scholarship approval letter.