NHRTAP Training Program

The New Hampshire RTAP Program provides driver and managerial training on a number of different subject areas. The RTAP staff is involved in all aspects of training--large or small, local or national,and everything in between-- and is eager to talk to you about your training needs. The most popular training series is the driver‐oriented training classes. The core required driver training is provided at six (6) regional locations in the spring and fall. Specialty trainings are provided on an as-needed basis and typically cover regulatory compliance, but are not limited to only regulatory matters. All driver trainings and most specialty trainings are provided at no cost to the individual driver or transit system. Trainings will also be open on a space-available basis to providers participating in a Regional Coordinating Council (RCC), even if they are not Section 5311 or Section 5310 sub-recipients, under the condition that the RCC Lead Agencies provide cursory approval. 

Please check the calendar for upcoming training opportunities. To sign yourself and/or drivers up for training, please contact the RTAP Assistant at NHRTAP@rlsandassoc.com or (937)-299-5007.

Required Trainings

The following trainings are required for transit operators receiving Section 5311 and Section 5310 funds from the NHDOT:

Defensive Driving - Curriculum for this four-hour course is geared toward information needs of the professional small bus/van driver. Topics include vehicle safety inspection, defensive driving tools, rules of the road, following distance, breaking, merging, rail crossings, hazards, intersection etiquette, passing, etc. The goal of the course is accident prevention.

Emergency Procedures and Evacuations - Emergency preparedness is imperative for all transit operators, and this four-hour course addresses both emergency procedures and evacuations including vehicle preparation, hazardous conditions, securing the vehicle, breakdown procedures, accident procedures, and passenger illness/injury. The course includes a PowerPoint presentation, case studies and a hands‐on evacuation practicum. Topics include when to evacuate, evacuating people with special needs, evacuating assistive devices, passenger/ driver safety, and evacuation techniques.

Passenger Assistance Techniques (PAT) - Passenger assistance training is required by many transportation funding sources and insurance providers. This seven to eight‐hour course includes a video, handouts, a hands‐on practicum, and certificate of completion. Training includes both classroom instruction and "hands‐on" practice to address ADA regulations and requirements, passenger sensitivity, lift operation, and wheelchair securement.


Optional Training

Defensive Driving for Volunteer Driver Programs - This course covers the same topics as the original Defensive Driving course, but focuses on the specific needs of volunteer drivers using their own vehicles. Volunteer drivers can attend either this course of the original Defensive Driving course in order to be certified and meet the requirement. 

Passenger Assistance Techniques Refresher - This 4-hour course is only for drivers previously certified in the full 8-hour PAT course (defined above). The course primarily focuses on lift operation and securement and includes classroom instruction, hands-on practicum, and a certificate of completion. 

Below are additional training topic offerings available upon request. More information about these topics can be found in the NHRTAP Training Brochure.

  • Pre-Trip Inspection/Preventive Maintenance for Drivers
  • Customer Service
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Safety and Security
  • ADA
  • Contract Rate Development
  • Cost Allocation
  • Emergency Management
  • Fare Analysis
  • Financial Management Guidelines
  • Reasonable Suspicion/Substance Abuse Management
  • Service Planning
  • Human Services Coordination


NHRTAP Training Sites

Trainings are provided in the following locations each Spring and Fall:

Concord - Granite State Independent Living (21 Chenell Drive, Concord NH)

Berlin - North Country Transit (31 Pleasant Street, Berlin NH)

Dover - McConnell Center (61 Locust Street (Room 305), Dover NH)

Keene - HCS Community Care (312 Marlboro Street, Keene NH)

Plymouth - Grafton County Senior Center (8 Depot Street, Plymouth NH)

Wilder, VT - Advance Transit (120 Billings Farm Road, Wilder VT)

Additional Training Resources

Other helpful trainings and resources can be found at the following organizations:

National RTAP - http://nationalrtap.org/Training

Community Transportation of America (CTAA)- www.ctaa.org

National Transit Institute (NTI)- http://www.ntionline.com/

Transportation Safety Institute - https://tsi-dot.csod.com/client/tsi-dot/ 

National Center for Mobility Management - http://nationalcenterformobilitymanagement.org/training/