Welcome to the new Hampshire RTAP

Welcome to the New New Hampshire Rural Transit Assistance Program (NHRTAP)!  

With a new look and a new staff, the New Hampshire RTAP is taking on a new direction with RLS & Associates,
Inc. as the new New Hampshire RTAP administrator.  RLS is proud and honored to have this opportunity to assist
New Hampshire’s rural public transit systems in providing safe and effective service through training programs,
the New Hampshire RTAP newsletter, the New Hampshrie RTAP website, and technical assistance.  RLS has
been responsible for the administration and implementation of the Indiana RTAP program since 2004 and the
Wisconsin RTAP program since 2011.  This, combined with its 26 years of corporate experience working
exclusively in the transit industry, will allow RLS to “hit the ground running” to assist New Hampshire’s rural
transit systems.

A needs survey will be forthcoming to assist the New Hampshire RTAP staff in determining the needs of New
Hampshire’s rural transit operators with training programs, program updates and one-on-one technical
assistance.  This will be the first of on-going needs assessments conducted in an effort to establish programs and
services unique to the needs of New Hampshire’s rural transit providers.

In addition, the RTAP website being developed here will include current program information , resources, web
links, training and scholarship forms, and other information specific to rural public transportation.  

Finally, we would like to introduce to you the New Hampshire RTAP staff:

RTAP Manager
manager@newhampshirertap.com (603)731-5196

RTAP Instructors –
Terri Paige
Jim Sudak
Bev Raymond
Steve Leavitt

The NHRTAP staff looks forward to working with you!  If you have any questions or concerns about RTAP training
or the NHRTAP in general, please contact the RTAP staff at the number or e-mail address indicated above.
What's NEW: Updated
fall/winter training calendar

. Tri-State conference
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home page. New procurement
checklist on the resources page.
RTAP Manager

RTAP Instructors –
Michael Acerno
Bev Raymond
Steve Leavitt
Terri Paige
Ken Hazeltine

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RTAP training and technical
assistance is available to
Section 5310 grantees
Tri-State Conference

Woodstock, VT September 7-9
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